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   Access control
   Magnetic lock
   Electric lock
   Out of the switch
   Induction card
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- Electric lock - Installed electric plug lock 406D access control system power to unlock low temperature with signal feedback electric lock

Product Details???

Product Parameters:

Product Name

Electric lock

Product Model


Opening Method

Power-on lock(5 cores),Power on unlock(6 cores)

Lock Delay


Work Voltage


Product Material

Aluminum Alloy

Work Current


Cylinder size


Appearance Size


Product Weight

0.93KG per

Safety Type

Power off automatically closes

Relative Humidity


Cylinder strength

Strengthen stainless steel solid tongue and withstand 1000KG impact

Suitable for

Wooden door,metal door,safety door,fireproof door

Product Features:

Stainless steel bolt   

Be made of aluminum alloy

Delay adjustable

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