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Product Category
   Fingerprint machine
   Credit card one machine
   Access control
   Magnetic lock
   Electric lock
   Out of the switch
   Induction card
   Bracket and door clip
   Video intercom
   Network control panel
   Reading head (supporting control board)
   Door Closer
   Other accessories
   Glass lock
- Credit card one machine - Large capacity single door access one machine ID card password unlock card reader access control 3000 users

Product Details???

Product Parameters:

Product Name

Card reader

Verification method


Product Model


Work Voltage

DC90-15V(Standard 12V)

Product Specification


Card Frequency


Work Current

lock is not driven<=70mA

Card type

MIFARE Compatible card

Work Humidity


Reaction Time

<=0.8 second

Work Temperature


Wiegand Output

Support WG26

Product Capacity



Product Features:

Novel design, surface painting

Durable, sensitive, stable, safe

Swipe and press button

Suitable for office buildings, Senior clubs, hotel,villa and so on

Imported originals, single core development, powerful CPU

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