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   Fingerprint machine
   Credit card one machine
   Access control
   Magnetic lock
   Electric lock
   Out of the switch
   Induction card
   Bracket and door clip
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   Network control panel
   Reading head (supporting control board)
   Door Closer
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   Glass lock
- Reading head (supporting control board) - Access Control Reader Access Read Head IC ID Card Access Control Door Access Card Reader WG26 Read Head Universal

Product Details???

Product Parameters:

Product Name

Card reader

Verification method

ID Card???IC Card

Product Model


Work Voltage

DC9V-15V(Standard 12V)

Product Specification


Card Frequency


Work Current

lock is not driven<=70mA

RE Card type

EWID or MIFARE Compatible card

Reaction Time

<=0.8 second

Wiegand Output

Support WG26/34

Work Temperature


Work Humidity



Product Features:

Support swipe

Strong resistance to metal shielding and card reader breathing

County-level anti-crash circuit design, anti-surge protection, anti-missing protection, use pure digital import to hire base station chips, no error design

ABS industrial grade housing, safe and durable

The access control head is designed with acrylic waterproof panel for longer service life.

Access control read head panel with protective film 

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